Custom Antibody Production

High quality custom antibody production at USDA inspected, United States facilities

Abcore offers a range of antibody services including custom antibody production and ascites production. These services are performed at USDA inspected facilities in San Diego, California. Abcore can generate custom polyclonal antibodies using rabbits, llamas, chickens, and goats. We can also generate VHH single domain llama antibodies (nanobodies) using proprietary phage display technology. Our other services include peptide synthesis, antibody validation (WB, IHC, etc.), antibody purification, antibody conjugation. We can courier llama blood locally throughout Southern California for immediate PBMC isolation to be used for cDNA and RNA isolation. Abcore also just finished construction of a brand new, state of the art ascites production facility.


Offering a wide variety of antibodies and conjugated antibodies

In addition, Abcore has developed a large catalog of high quality, validated antibodies. Many of our antibodies come pre-conjugated to an industry leading 22 different tags, allowing us to sell antibodies that are immediately ready to use in most immunoassays.