Llama Monoclonal Antibodies

Custom Llama VHH Single Domain Monoclonal Antibody Production

We can help you be a pioneer in your industry by developing a llama VHH single domain monoclonal antibody for you. Abcore is the leader in producing llama monoclonal antibodies, also called single domain antibodies, and we have one of the largest llama immunization facilities in the nation. All of our work is done at our USDA inspected facilities in San Diego, California. This allows us to process all animal bleeds within 2-4 hours, giving us the freshest cells, RNA, and purified peripheral mononuclear cells (PBMC). We take pride in our facilities and quality, and we guarantee 5x10^8 independent clones for each library we produce. We also offer a naive library, pooled from the PBMC of 12 llamas. Additionally, we can deliver fresh samples to your lab if you are in the Southern California region if you prefer to do the cloning work in-house.

Conjugated Antibodies

Our entire antibody catalog is now available pre-conjugated to 22 different tags

We can help you save time and reduce background by using a pre-conjugated primary antibody. You can now order almost all of Abcore’s antibodies already conjugated to your choice of 22 different enzymes, flourophores, or fluorescent dyes. You can order an antibody already conjugated to HRP and avoid using a secondary antibody for your western blot. Or, you can put together your entire flow cytometry panel by choosing from our wide array of dyes and tandem conjugates. Get more data, and get your data faster by using our pre-conjugated antibodies.